About this site and its Author

This site is a personal blog written by Dan Delaney. It does not focus on any particular subject, but there'll be a distinctly tech focus with a healthy slice of Android.

Since 1999, Dan has been employed by Fujitsu UK & Ireland, a leading IT services company. Starting as a graduate, Dan has been employed as a web developer, system interface developer, integration engineer, solution designer and most recently as a Technical Manager.

Since the turn of the century, Dan's main focus has switched from web development across to Windows client / server integration and design. A Windows infrastructure generalist, Dan has been heavily involved in large scale infrastructure migrations (Active Directory, Exchange, File and Print services) working with 3rd party suppliers and internal teams to ensure continuity of service throughout. Dan currently works as a Technical Manager on one of the company's largest government accounts.

Although Windows infrastructure takes up most of his time at work, Dan's computing passion remains firmly fixed in web development and he regularly takes on development projects outside of his day job. He also spends some time writing applications for Android and iOS devices.  He does most of his work on a 2013 Apple MacBook Pro.

Dan has been interested in computing since the '80s where he started out playing games on a BBC Model B. The constantly changing IT technologies keep him interested and excited about what will be possible in the future.

A committed husband and father to 2 wonderful kids, Dan enjoys spending as much time as possible with his family. If this blog hasn't had any recent posts, this will be the reason!

Any views expressed on this site are Dan's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of his employer.