Posted by Dan Delaney | 6th Oct 2011

Entrepreneur. Businessman. Inspiration. Optimist. Designer. Leader.

Without doubt, the world has lost a true personal computing visionary today.

For the years of innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible to achieve within the industry, Steve Jobs will always be revered as a pioneer.   The success of the iPhone and subsequent rise of Apple to the biggest company in the world may have drawn its critics along the way, but few people would have the ability to lead and direct a company in the way that Steve did so effectively at 1 Infinite Loop.  The focus on customer experience above all else set Steve Jobs apart from his peers to the point that he and his company designed products which challenged the perception of computing influence on our lives.  Whether you use an Apple product or one of its competitors you can be sure that fundamental parts of its design have been influenced directly by Steve Jobs.

He will be sorely missed by colleagues, journalists and tech-minded individuals all over the world.  Tributes have been pouring in from all corners and it is a fitting tribute to the man that his fiercest competitors are compelled to share their experiences and thoughts.

Steve Jobs, Rest In Peace.