Posted by Dan Delaney | 7th Aug 2013

Over the past few weeks, I've been waking up to find my phone only partly charged.  It's usually on the charger all night as I go to sleep.  Perhaps not the best practice, but with modern smartphones the charger will stop feeding the device once the battery is full.  My problem, however, is that the phone rarely gets to that point before I wake up anyway.

The phone tends to cycle between Charging (AC), Charging (USB) and Not Charging several times. Occasionally it will stay on AC (1A) but more often than not it'll revert to USB (500mA). When it gets in this state, the phone gets extremely hot.

Usually, the battery histogram would appear straight away. When the phone gets in this strange state it won't come up and sometimes will force close.

Having contacted Google, their customer representative was very helpful and after performing their recommendations - which were more to do with devices not charging at all - I have been advised to return my device. I ordered my replacement last night and I just hope the RMA process is as painless as Google suggest. The current delivery estimate is Friday 9th, so we'll see.

Update (9th August):

Well, true to Google's word, the replacement Nexus 4 arrived in the post this morning along with the returns information and a bag to ship it in.

Replacement Nexus 4



Update 14th August

Well, TNT just collected my old Nexus 4, less than 2 hours after phoning them to book it in. Painless process thus far, lets hope the RMA process is fine and that's the last I hear about it.