Posted by Dan Delaney | 24th Mar 2016


  • Phone - Huawei Nexus 6P 64GB
  • Launcher - Google Now Launcher

Top 5 Apps

I spend a lot of my time with my phone, so I have all of my most frequently used apps in a series of folders on my one and only home screen.

Everything else is tucked away in the app drawer.

Apps in the folders

  • Photos
    • Google Photos, Focus, Instagram & some 3rd party camera apps.
  • Media
    • Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, BT Sport, Chromecast, YouTube
  • Social
    • Facebook, Google+, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn
  • GPS
    • Google Maps, Co-Pilot GPS
  • Dev
    • Slack, GitHub, Stack Exchange, Udacity
  • Cloud
    • Dropbox, Keep, Google Drive, Microsoft RD Client
  • Books
    • Kindle, Audible, Goodreads
  • Shopping & Finance
    • Amazon, PayPal and banking apps
  • Stuff
    • Timely, Firefox, Authy, LastPass, Android Wear and other apps used regularly but don't really belong anywhere else.