Posted by Dan Delaney | 19th Dec 2012

As I write this, my new Nexus 4 is on a TNT van out for delivery.  I'm one of the lucky ones who will get their phone before Christmas.

The well-documented problems that have been seen with Nexus 4 orders are hardly unique. The Nexus 7 release was equally mismanaged, with exactly the same problems. The only common denominator in each of these events has been Google.  In laying the blame at LG's door for erratic supply, Google UK boss Dan Cobley is surely seeking to deflect criticism of Google, which is understandable but does not show any sign of his company taking responsibility for their own failings.  Were Asus similarly culpable for the same issues in June? They seemed perfectly able to supply the Dixons Group with devices that shipped well before Google managed to get their orders cleared.
LG may well have had shortages, may not have delivered, but Google should have known exactly how many devices were manufactured and have an infrastructure in place to cope with the massive demand for product orders. The embarrassing issues with the Google Play store at the point that stock was made available left customers with a sour taste in their mouth from the off.  It's not like Google don't have a history of dealing with massive traffic on their sites.
Google also need to take a serious look at managing logistics, specifically a lesson in First In First Out.  Simply put, orders quoted for "3 - 5 day" delivery should not have been delivered at the same time, let alone after "1 - 2 week" orders. Phones should be allocated and shipping notices sent in the order they were bought.  As has been well documented in the UK Delivery Thread on XDA-Developers, this has been Google's main failing. 
A complete lack of communication, and inadequately informed Customer Service Representatives make for a frustrating shopping experience.  Even for someone getting their device only a little later than the delivery estimate I was provided, I am left hoping that the device itself is worth the wait.  At least I know it should be at least a couple of years before I need to buy a new device - whether Google have successfully launched further Nexus devices without the recent problems may dictate if Google Play will be my store of choice.
UPDATE: Delivered by TNT on 19th December at 11:15am: